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El movimiento #NoMoreMatildas ya es una asociación sin ánimo de lucro.

Contigo, seguiremos dando visibilidad a la mujer en la ciencia, crearemos contenido para recuperar a las científicas de nuestra historia, porque queremos que todas ellas sean inspiración de las niñas de hoy, de las científicas de mañana.
Can you imagine what would have happened if Einstein had been born a woman? Well, that most likely we would not know who Einstein is today. Because, probably, all the credit for her discoveries would have been taken by a fellow male researcher... or even by her own husband. This phenomenon, known as the Matilda Effect in honour of Matilda Joslyn Gage, who was the first activist to denounce it, highlights the injustice of systematically ignoring the findings of brilliant women scientists throughout history.

We strongly believe that the lack of female role models in science has a negative impact on girls' career aspirations, contributing to a low feminine representation in STEM degrees at universities.
The #NoMoreMatildas association aims to reclaim these women by bringing them into textbooks, so they can become inspiring role models for girls that have been leaded to believe that science is only for men. Through the discoveries, findings and contributions of these brave women, we want to arouse scientific interest among young girls and teenagers.
We believe that the low ratio of women in STEM degrees at universities is partly due to the lack of role models to encourage scientific interest amoung young girls and teenagers.
It does not seem very intelligent to only use half the brains at our disposal to face the challenges posed by the future.
Talent has no gender, and to ignore the one that could emerge in young girls and teenagers who do not choose a science degree because they do not have mirrors in which to see themselves reflected is a cultural legacy that we should stop perpetuating.
We want girls and teenagers to know that there were many women before them who helped advance science.
We believe that it is about time that all those women scientists overlooked by history reclaim their place. And textbooks are the best place to start. Please, check the insert that we have designed to "update" textbooks for years 5-6 of primary education.
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WHAT IF Einstein, Schrödinger or Fleming had been born female?
The Matilda Effect has prevented women scientist to be featured in textbooks. In order to repair that injustice, we have launched our own collection of illustrated storybooks, where we imagine how the life of some scientists would have been only if they had been born female...
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